Friday, June 20, 2014

Your Friendly Neighborhood Writer

     Hello! 'Tis I, your friendly neighborhood writer! Okay, chances are that I don't live in your neighborhood. But I'm friendly! Except to my characters.... but more on that later.

     Here's A Little About Me and This Blog You Stumbled Upon:

1. My name is Kiara. Hiya! *waves*

2. I am fourteen (going on fifteen) years old.

3. I'm a writer! Which I kinda established up there when I said I was your...friendly...writer....friend. Yeah. I don't have anything published (YET), but I'm always writing and I am currently attempting to write a novel. Emphasis on the word "attempting".

4. I made this blog to give aspiring authors like myself advice on all areas of writing. I will also gladly discuss anything and everything about books.

5. I have never met a dragon, but they are one of my favorite mythical animals and I'm hoping that if I DID ever meet one that it wouldn't eat me and we would go on some grand adventure together, later parting as unlikely friends.

6. I'm starting to run out of stuff to put in these things....I was hoping you wouldn't notice.

     Soooo, here I am! I'm so excited that you are checking out my blog right now, and I hope that you continue reading the posts that I put up. Always (teehee Harry Potter reference) feel free to comment and talk with me! I promise that I'll answer.

     If you would like to find out more about me, check out my Pinterest account:

     I have a writing board with prompts and inspiration, as well as plenty of other random fandom boards and lots of Tom Hiddleston (hey, I'm just warning you what you're going to get). Follow me on my Pinterest, follow me on here, and comment below with any questions or if you just want to say hi!

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